Cultured rock consumption in the heart of Central Europe

Létrehozás: 07/06/2012 - 15:40
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The world-known gothic band, the Evanescence has never given a concert before in the Hungarian capital since they were established in 1995. From this view the night of 18 of June surely can be named as a very special event.

The band, driven by the rock princess Amy Lee got on a stage in Prague a week before, so fans living in Central Europe had great chance getting the biggest amount of moments enjoying her beautiful voice. “There was a terrific swelter in the Czech capital, after a few songs we got watered” – said Amy to in an interviews that she gave right before the concert in PeCsa Music Hall. The weather was quite warm in Budapest, too, but many fans came to the place long time before the great event. What for they were exited so far? Maybe for a stolen moment seeing the gothic princess?  That was simply impossible, because she was hidden in a backstage for a healthy supper with salad bar.

People in the line were peacefully patient even though it was almost 800 meters long. The faces were quite varied: hard-rock, soft-rock, alternative rock and gothic rock and normally dressed young girls and guys stood all together with a ticket in hand which cost 7 500 HUF paid up front. The late people had also chance to get in, but paying on the spot the price was 8 500 HUF. For 21:30 pm the arena was almost full, if we can believe that statistics say, so there were around 2000 people, from what 1500 persons paid the ticket long time ago before the concert.

“We invested a lot of energy into the new album, every member of the band took a part from the work, and I think it is visible in every concert” – underlined Amy speaking about the new album what for the fans had to wait a really long time – in paper at least 5 years. The woman who imploded to the music live as gothic chick lives now in a happy marriage and she doesn’t think guys only care about Rihanna or LMFAO. The Hungarian (and some Slovak and Czech) fans got one of the freshest songs on the starting moment.

The powerful greeting made everybody loud; it was just simply tasteful for the ears and for the eyes to feel the professional music in live. The new track “What You Want” was followed by classical songs like “Call Me When You’re Sober” , “Bring Me To Life” and “Going Under” , but the audience also had a chance to enjoy the “My Heart is Broken” song  from the freshest album. The fans seemed to be really happy to see the singer who became world-famous with  “My Immortal” which brings tears out from everybody’s eyes. As a closing gesture she sang this in the PeCsa and the result was just  we expected: people have been singing and hugging all together. The whole concert was worth to see, this was a straggling moment for enjoying a great cultural gothic-rock music which survived more than ten years and that is a real success in the world of consumer society.

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