This is how witches do the party

Létrehozás: 05/18/2024 - 18:33
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On Friday Otyken has released a brand new track with a brand new video clip. We can not complain, the guys from Krasnoyarsk are spoiling us.

We just had a month ago a premiere. But summer comes and it is possible that within few weeks they start to focuse on concerts and festivals.

Turning back to the new release, called Oneness. Does anybody have idea what does it mean? Of course, in case English is your mother tongue, then you might have heard this word before. But for those, who are using English as a foreign language, might be unusal. Although it is cool like that. Otyken at first sight is strange for those people who are not enganged fans. You know, who are following their news every day. For example in the Otyken Worldwide Fan Group. Right after the “strange” comes the feeling, what we can name as “freakin' awesome”. And yes, if you are not a fan, you can ask yourself, "why I didn’t know about this group before"?

I consider myself as an old fan, who had a chance to make an interview with this great people. But I must say the new release is a masterpiece by itself. I haven’t heard such an exciting, witchy and awesome soundtrack since Phenomenon, which had been introduced more than a year ago. Okay, cooperation with Xibit was great, but...The Oneness brings everything to you from the World of Otyken that touches your soul. Especially if you are citizen of a big city. In the new release they play in a garden surrounded by animals, like deers, white jackals. And even the yurt is there, which was like a home for those nations like Tatars, Chulyms, Khakass people for a long time. And for Hungarians as well.

Just like jew harp, which is used very often in Otyken songs. In the Oneness we can hear such a traditional instruments like horse head violin (morin khuur) and big drums, but the most dominant instrument is in the hand of Otamay, who has also a beautiful voice by the way. The Khakass khomys sounds very authentic and ancient. Anybody who found out the current khomys theme for this song was a genius! It stays in our ears for all day, and makes you want to listen these songs like a hundred times.

Of course, as always, Azyan leads the way. The talented, creative, and energetic main singer brings the style what we like in Otyken. She plays with her voice like no one can. She express emotions and mood. She can sing like mermaid, a queen or a princess, but sometimes she can scream like a witch within one songtrack. The throat singing of Ach brings the male energy in a very good way. The music and the special sing performance makes Otyken so unique. Not to mention the clothes, which are more authentic in Oneness videoclip. Why? For me it looks like a mixture of Turkic and Sámi (Finno-Ugric) people. Even though currently they are very far from each other.

I think the success of The Oneness just starts here. It will conquer the heart of the people. It is out of doubt that Otyken has just made a fruitful cooperation with a Japanese film composer. It is possible that we might here this or other Otyken songs in the Senseki historical film, which comes this winter.

Otyken showed again, that indigenous people deserve the attention, because they are full of potential, talent, and a will to do. Congrats Andrey!

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