Very rare Ikarus bus was found in Eastern Hungary

Létrehozás: 11/13/2016 - 09:23
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ZiL-based Ikarus has been shown up in Eastern-Hungary. The owner didn't recognise at first what does he have in his field, but due to an article he realised the value of his treasure.


A 26 years old Ikarus 545 was discovered in Hungary, near to Mátészalka. The Hungarian owner found out the secret of his bus by an article not so long time ago. After that he was writing e-mail to Vezess, which is one of the biggest car and commercial veichle online magazine in Hungary, that he has got the bus about the they were publishing an article a year ago. That is a kind of miracle, because this bus is a very unique! 

Only two types of 545 were produced in the Ikarus factory. One of them was based on IFA-chassis and the other was built on soivet ZiL subframe. In this Ikarus 545.02 a V8 enginge can be found, which has got 8743 cubic meters combustion chamber and 185 horsepower output. It was also produced by ZiL, just like steering gear. According to the current owner it is still easily reaching 90-100 km/h speed on motorway. 

The bus has 9 meters length,  2,44 meters width and 3,1 meters height. All of the 32 passenger seats are a in good condition, they even have the original seat cover. It seems the previous operators were taking good care of this curio. The current owner, Zoltán Lakatos said that as far he knows the bus was serivicing originally in Budapest by TransEuro2003 Ltd., then the Nyíracsád-based Nyírtrans Ltd. bought it and in 2014 the bus had again a new owner. It was a company, which was concerned with pomology. This year Lakatos Zoltán bought the bus and he wanted to use it for transporting seasonal workers on his fields, because he is also engaged to agriculture industry. 

After the transaction he went with the bus for doing the MOT-test, he changed the storage cells and the bulbs. He was also reparing the steering geer, because he recognised that it had a huge latitude. It wasn't so simple, he couldn't find a mechanican near Mátészalka, therefore he needed to travel to Budapest. Zoltán Lakatos says he doesnt't want to destroy this bus using for transporting seasonal workers, which goes by huge dirt from time to time. He decided to sell it for someone, who would save it for the future.0 We cross our fingers for him, hopefully this treasure will find its good place!

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