Easy to be Fin(n)ish(ed)?

Létrehozás: 12/16/2015 - 19:48
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When someone asks you, what nationality you are, the answer could be simple and usually it can’t give a reason for misunderstandings.

Although some nationalities like Poles, Finns and Hungarians wouldn’t totally agree with this. Anna Easteden, the successful Finnish model and actress, gave a very good example about this. “I’m Hungarian” – you could say, and someone could ask – “Oh, are you hungry?”. In this case you should not be angry, this misunderstanding can happen a lot of times. The same patience needs from a native Finnish man, who talks with an English speaker person. “Are you finished?” “Yes, I’m Finnish!”- says Anna Easteden in the small comedy. If the waitress hasn’t got a clue why you do suggest your nationality for this question then you can find yourself very easily in an embarrassing situation as it happens in the video below.

I came up with the idea because of FinnFest 2011 and I wanted to have something funny to play at the Gala evening. I ended up total of 9 videos and my favourite one is the restaurant one”- says Anna who could be familiar from The House of Branching Love movie and also from the Days of Our Lives tv-show for our readers.

Anna Easteden have done a really fast job. She had been started making the videos in June and, she've finished them early August. All the videos were filmed in Los Angeles, one of them, ‘The Taste of Suomi’ were shot in the famous ‘Top Chef’, Stefan Richter’s place. Watching these videos we all have to remember to be careful before making silly jokes to avoid unpleasant situations. So if someone is Finnish, doesn’t mean that he or she finished, and if someone is polishing his/her shoes it doesn’t connect to the Polish nationality. Hungarians are not hungry and if they are, so only before the dinner. We offer to watch all 9 videos of her exactly here.

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